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Why Troop.Works is the best Real Estate CRM of 2019 | real estate crm | real estate erp

  • India's First CRM designed by Builders; designed for Builders
  • 100% Data Security as data and source code is stored on your server
  • Equipped with Real Estate Presales, Sales, Post Sales and Complete Administration Control
  • Can be used for Unlimited Users and Unlimited Projects
  • Get all your leads auto-fetched in the CRM from website, magicbricks, 99 Acres, emails and other lead generation sources.
  • Export booking forms, agreements, demand letters and all RERA docs directly from CRM on few clicks
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly MIS Reports can be created and customized as per requirement
  • One time cost without any recurring maintenance charges
  • Customer Portal enables direct access to customers to lodge their maintenance complaints online
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Use CRM in Real Estate to Stay Ahead of Competitors | crm development company | property crm

Real Estate CRM

In today’s expeditious culture, coupled with an ever-evolving market and a well informed customer, Real Estate professionals face some major challenges in how to battle with this corollary in their volatile industry. Widespread exposure to technology – the internet in particular - has encouraged buyers, vendors and clients to demand detailed information and that too, within their desired time frames. In addition, the current scenario has made it a tricky task to attract, deal with, retain, and satisfy today’s customer in the real estate market. This is one industry where every single customer is different from another - varied backgrounds, economic conditions, needs, wants, and mindsets.

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CRM Implementation in Real Estate | crm customization | cloud real estate crm


Real estate agents, builders, and developers are busy finding leads and potential clients looking for their next home. A lead is nothing without the collection of data along with a contact name that will be there to help form the relationship during the sales process. This data is vital for streamlining the sales pipeline. A CRM is there to help consolidate all of the information you have gathered on a lead, i.e. , what they’re looking for, when they want to buy and where they want to buy or build.

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10 reasons to use real estate CRM | real estate crm | self hosted crm

real estate crm

Many agents still use Excel spreadsheets or a simple contact manager (like the one in Outlook or Gmail) to manage their database. They simply think of their database as a list of names and numbers. They are missing out on the power of automating the processes around developing and maintaining relationships with the people in their database.

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3 ways to overcome the sales rejection blues and win at selling | erp customization | cloud real estate crm

Read on to learn 3 effective ways to navigate rejection, to minimize the chance of receiving one, and to come back more effective at sales every time.

Do your homework and solve as much of the lead’s problem as possible before you call, to minimize the chances of a rejection

A survey by CSO Insights reveals that 42 percent of sales reps feel they don’t have all the information that they need to succeed, before making a call. Proceeding into sales calls without it can spell death for the potentially budding relationship. Find out how your product or service solves your lead’s problem before you get into a call with them to maximize your chances of getting a follow-up call.

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3 surefire ways to generate sales ready leads and improve win rates | real estate crm | crm customization

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions by sales and marketing teams is how they can improve the quality of their leads – the problem being that most of their leads make it some way down the sales funnel, consuming precious sales time, without ever generating a sale. By Marketingsherpa’s measure that number is a staggering 73% on average, bringing the efficiency of their sales pipeline down to just 27%.

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6 questions you should be asking to choose the best CRM for you | property crm | cloud real estate crm

sales management

The best CRM software has the power to transform a sales team into an organized machine that can effortlessly handle more work, and is steps ahead of every deal. The most important precursor to that level of success is often, strangely enough, finding software that you and your team will actually use. Let’s focus on that point for a second.

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3 reasons why your startup needs a Troop.Works CRM now | real estate crm | self hosted crm


A startup’s network is its lifeblood, and growing that network is key to its success. In its early days every component of that network matters – every potential investor, partner, and perhaps most of all, customer, fuels the dream of success. A company as big as Microsoft might not so much as bat an eyelash at a customer worth $100, but to an early-stage startup that same customer could represent significant revenue growth, crucial product validation, and so much more.

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What the most successful businesses do to grow | self hosted crm | property crm

sales management

Most of the current business industry leaders are pretty different from one another. Take Amazon and Airbnb, for example. Sure, they’re in tech, but they serve completely different needs, with different products and services, and different missions. If you ask them what led to their success, you mind hear of a slew of reasons that are as different as the companies themselves. Among those reasons, however, you’ll hear at least one common answer – and it’ll ring true for every other successful business you ask that question to – it’s the relentless pursuit of an amazing customer experience.

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CRM system for real estate developer | crm development company | crm customization

Real Estate

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all about managing the relationships you have with your customers – including potential customers. CRM combines business processes, people, and technology to achieve this single goal; getting and keeping satisfied customers. It’s an overall strategy to help you learn more about your customers and their behavior so that you can develop stronger, lasting relationships that will benefit both you and your customers. It’s become almost impossible to build and run a successful business without a strong focus on CRM.

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Importance of real estate CRM | real estate crm | self hosted crm

Realestate CRM

The importance of the real estate sector in India cannot be overstated. It is expected to grow at more than 30% annually over the next decade. The sheer size contributes around 5-6% of our country’s GDP. However, many in the industry believe that the growth story is far from over. In fact, most believe that it is only starting now. Real estate in India does not get the attention it deserves. Due to various factors, it has always fallen short of the potential it has to change not just business, but lives even. However, change is only a matter of time, and it is time for the real estate sector.

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Brilliant real estate marketing ideas to sell a property | erp customization | crm development company

real estate

Real estate marketing is a tough task, and anyone who has tried to sell a listed property is aware of the difficulty. Though there are no shortcuts, there are different ways of increasing the chances of a successful sale. Here, we explore a few creative options that play a strong role in closing the deal. Though we cannot guarantee the success, we are quite sure about increasing the effectiveness of your existing marketing ideas.

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CRM is tool for cultural change | real estate erp | crm customization


Business models and entire industries are being disrupted by new technologies as digital transformation forces organizations to reassess how they adapt and provide their customers with value into the future.

One key theme that has emerged during this time of disruption is a big obstacle to making the transition from product-focused to customer-focused is often changing business culture. Changing employee behavior is more difficult than redesigning products and services or implementing new technology. However, the failure to  consider the impact of organizational change will undermine any other investment. Using CRM Technology to Drive Cultural Change The often unrealized potential benefit of CRM technology is that it can be a very effective way of driving organizational change.

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Six CRM predictions for 2017 | crm customization | property crm


It is that time of year, where every analyst, “thought leader” and blogger starts pumping out their top predictions for the coming year. Usually, these are safe, boring add-ons to perennial topics of discussion and/or an exercise in buzzword bingo. But I do believe that this year, we are actually going to see the beginnings of some serious shifts in the CRM market.

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Marketing trend: Customer journey mapping will become smarter and useful in 2017 | real estate crm | self hosted crm


Customer journey mapping is an important exercise that helps companies understand their customer’s perspective so they can meet needs and expectations. It also drives companies to reach all the business goals for individual customers – such as long-term engagement, buying additional products or services, or becoming a reference. The customer journey map itself is a visual diagram of the way your customers engage with you throughout the buying cycle. From the time they learn your company’s name or find you on Google, all the way to the time they purchase their first product/service from you, and even beyond that.

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Finding right CRM solution | property crm | erp customization


CRM software has many benefits to small businesses. It can save you time on customer communications. It can offer personalized communications to your best customers. And it can help you improve you sales and marketing efforts. But that’s only if you choose the right CRM software for your particular business. Below are some tips to help you pick the best CRM provider to meet your needs.

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Post Sale Management in Troop.Works CRM | real estate crm | cloud real estate crm

post sale

Many businesses try to make the customer go from the Know stage to the Buy stage in a single conversation. However, it seldom happens like that because it takes time to gain the customer’s trust. A customer relationship management (CRM) system is an important link that can help your company establish credibility and maintain relationships with prospects throughout the buying cycle. The process of turning cold leads into buyers involves a lot of nurturing. For example, once you get their email address and phone number, sending them a follow-up email or calling makes them remember your company. Once they are ready to buy, they might consider what you have to offer simply because you’re on the top of their minds. Retaining Existing Customers through Troop.Works CRM Turning cold leads into paying customers is a process that most companies focus on. That is all well and good. However, it is also important not to neglect customers who have already bought from you. Research consistently shows that it is more profitable to retain an existing customer than to get a new one. We found that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers.  Designing the CRM system to ensure that you can nurture customers even during the post-sale stage can yield significant benefits. Basically, the CRM strategy you should implement should look into the following:

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Things that work well in CRM: Email campaigns | self hosted crm | crm customization

Email Campaign

Every CRM has this as a checkbox on their feature list. Whether it is integrated as part of the system, as is the case with Net Suite & Oasis, or achieved through a partner integration, Sales-force and Campaigner, no CRM system is complete without it. Doing it well and making it easy, however is another story. Having been a marketer for longer than I care to admit, suffice it to say I have had plenty of experience with email campaigns…(not to date myself, but can you say mail-merge & Eudora?)

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CRM getting more credible now | self hosted crm | cloud real estate crm


Paul Greenberg mentions that CRM is getting more credibility now and the credibility has come over a period of time. Companies like Cisco (non-traditional vendors – the not necessarily CRM vendors or not-really-social media vendors) are jumping into the pool as they find that they need to tap into the unstructured conversations happening and mine that for information thereby helping them provide better services/products. This is good news for all around.

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How business can benefit from Troop.Works CRM | real estate crm | cloud real estate crm


1. Increase sales

It’s the most obvious reason for adopting CRM strategies. The best CRM software allows you to follow quality leads and reduce time wastage following prospects. Sales cycles are reduced and win rates improved. Moreover, you can check customer buying histories to identify potential leads, up sell opportunities or repeat customers.

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Do you hate filling up forms? | self hosted crm | erp customization


I do. Especially when I am signing up for a new service. If you see, all the Troop.Works services just ask you for an email ID (or a username) & a password. Can Troop.Works CRM be any different? Just provide your email ID and password and within seconds you will be logged into Troop.Works CRM on-demand service

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Workflow Management in Troop.Works CRM | crm customization | crm development company

Workflow management

When converting a single lead into a deal, factors like what actions need to be taken and when play a big role in closing. When a lead comes into your CRM, you send a series of emails via drip campaigns to qualify them. Doing this manually hundreds of times over means you lose valuable time. With scheduled actions, you can automate drip emails, set up tasks to nurture potential customers, and follow up with every lead until they are qualified. You can set actions to occur instantly as well.

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Inventory Management in Troop.Works CRM | cloud real estate crm | real estate crm

Inventory management

Troop.Works CRM extends beyond the traditional CRM functions and supports complete sales cycle management by integrating Inventory Management features. These include Products, Price Books, Vendors, Sales Orders, Quotes, and Invoices, along with the Sales related modules, such as Leads, Accounts & Contacts, and Opportunities.

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How to Improve Email Deliverability Rate | erp customization | property crm

Email Deliverabitity

The effectiveness of email marketing is in its deliverability. Perhaps you’ve followed all best practices to craft an ultimate subject line and have the most valuable information for your customers in the email body. But unless the email gets into your customer’s inbox, the time, energy, and money you put is all useless. A recent Report on Email Deliverability notes that when a businesses send out permission-based emails like membership confirmations, password resets, delivery notifications, and more, one in every five emails fail to land in the inbox. This means businesses are failing to connect with 20% of their customers. We say an email has not delivered successfully when it ends up in spam folder or an Internet service provider blocks it.

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Campaign Management in Troop.Works CRM | cloud real estate crm | crm development company

Campiagn management

The Really Simple Systems CRM campaign management feature gives you the power to run marketing campaigns directly from your CRM and track your success. You can create multiple marketing campaigns and stages for different segments your customer base and automate your messages.
CRM campaigns can be used to manage email marketing campaigns as well as other campaign types including Ad Words and traditional marketing methods.

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Data security in Troop.Works CRM | property crm | cloud real estate crm

Data Security

Web based CRM provider has the capabilities to encrypt data and ensure data security through prevention of hack attacks of any kind. The customer information and all the data contained in the CRM application is the company's most critical asset as it plays an important role for the day to day business activities of the company. This data is often the most vulnerable to security breaches and disruptions.

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Sales Management in Troop.Works CRM | real estate crm | crm customization

sales management

CRM (customer relationship management) has a direct relationship to sales management. But unless a customer relationship management system is flexible, intuitive and implemented in the right way, sales management will not be able to benefit from it.

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