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Campiagn management

The Really Simple Systems CRM campaign management feature gives you the power to run marketing campaigns directly from your CRM and track your success. You can create multiple marketing campaigns and stages for different segments your customer base and automate your messages.
CRM campaigns can be used to manage email marketing campaigns as well as other campaign types including Ad Words and traditional marketing methods.

CRM Campaign Stages

Each marketing campaign can include multiple campaign stages that reflect different parts of the same campaign. For example, you may have an initial email, then a telephone follow up, and then a reminder message. Alternatively, you might segment your data into customers, prospect and suspects and send a different newsletter variation to each group.
Because the campaign activity is integrated within your CRM, you can easily manage and track your customers’ interactions. The campaign data will show you who has opened a message or clicked on a link, so giving insight into your customers’ behavior and preferences for both sales and marketing.

AB Testing

You might also use your CRM to run AB testing. Segmentation of your contacts and analysis of your campaign data will give insight into the most popular topics, titles and links to increase your customer engagement.

CRM Campaign Tracking

The CRM campaign management software allows you to keep track the number and value of leads, opportunities and sales for every marketing campaign. As a result, you’ll build up accurate measures of your cost per lead and your marketing return on investment.

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