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PDF Template Creator
Gives the flexibility to create templates for Allotment Applications, Consent Letters, Agreements, Bank NOCs, Demand Letters, Possession Documents and other documents involved during the sales lifecycle.
PDF Maker Product Features :
  • You can use all  CRM Fields
  • Send PDF file via Email
  • Save PDF file as Document
  • Batch print from each list view module
  • Merged templates
  • Define own Filename for generated PDF file
  • Using Products images in Invoice, Quotes, Purchase or Sales Order
  • Define Workflow management
  • Using Custom function, which allows you to fully customise PDF output according your needs
Recycle Bin
The Recycle Bin feature for Troop.Works is much similar to the one in an operating system. In an operating system the recycle bin will hold the files or folders deleted from the file system whereas in Troop.Works, the recycle bin will hold all the deleted records of an entity module.

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Complete Administrative Control

Gives the privilege to create and manage user profiles, roles, modules and their fields, manage workflows and the complete administration of the CRM activities

Reports / MIS

Distill CRM data into insights that transform your organization. Use any data Troop.Works to build reports, pivot tables and charts on team,
pipeline, product and other drivers of performance, then pin charts to your dashboard for frequent use or export them to a CSV.

Workflow Builder

Save time and grow productivity by letting Troop.Works workflows do the repetitive stuff for you. From transforming emails into lead records, to creating follow-up reminders after sales calls, to emailing you a deal update when an opportunity stage hits “won” - workflows make sure you don’t have to sweat the small & maybe even some of the big stuff.

Email Template Creator

Create as many email templates needed to send emails from CRM
  • Create email templates and easily populate them while sending emails.
  • Design email templates according to your requirements.
  • Include rich text, HTML content, Images, etc. in your email templates.
  • Design your own email templates for regular Newsletters, Monthly updates, Maintenance alert etc.
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Global Search
Global Search helps you find what you need on your account. For the given search query, global search fetches relevant information from across all modules in your account. In contrast to other search options, your search query is matched against all records in your application and results are displayed on a single screen.
Additionally, to refine your search, you can also search for records in a selected module. You can access global search in the search bar located on top center of each CRM screen. Now you can search for records by phone numbers or email addresses, and more. When you search for records, Troop.Works uses AND functionality. For instance, If my search query is 'Troop Works', records that have 'Troop' and 'Works' individually are 'not' displayed; records that match the keyword 'Troop Works' are displayed instead.             
Third Party Integrations
Troop.Works provides a simple, powerful and secure application programming interface(the API) to work with entities stored in it. Take advantage of REST APIs exposed over HTTP(s) to push or pull data from Troop.Works and integrate with 3rd party applications. You are certainly free to choose the library of your choice to work with these APIs.

Other Features

Faster, smarter service that will increase loyalty, retention and satisfaction.


Track leads, optimise your sales activities & close deals faster.


A goal is a dream with a deadline.


Make a customer, not a sale.

Troop.Works Flexibility

Our Cloud

Our Cloud

Choose to access Troop.Works CRM in Our Cloud and say hello to pre-eminent security, maintenance and updates, with 24/7 access via any web-enabled device.
Your Cloud

Your Cloud

Choose Your Cloud to maximize your existing IT infrastructure or existing cloud supplier and use your own security protocols.

Drive performance. Optimize revenue.

Learn how Troop.Works can make your team more productive.

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