Whatsapp CRM Automation

The changing scenario has brought us closer to technology and if there's one thing we totally and completely swear by is Whatsapp communication. It's quick, efficient, and super-easy both in terms of receiving and reverting. That's the communication space, which the industries are shifting to when it comes to customer relationship and interaction. Speaking of which Real Estate is one such industry that constantly needs to keep in touch with its clients to keep them updated and notified.

Imagine a dedicated Whatsapp CRM platform to ease and smoothen the flow of communication between the team and the clients. From lead generation to conversion, it's nurturing to management, Troop.Works have got you covered. Every little update will be automatically sent to the client, keeping the burden off of the team's shoulders. The team can constantly maintain personal communication with the client without putting in much effort.

CRM Whatsapp Automation Features


Send Project Details

Send details to whatsapp number when a lead is saved. Projectwise details can be sent.

Custom Messages

Manually send whatsapp messages from CRM(without saving number)

Site Visit Reminders

Auto whatsapp reminder with location to lead prospects for site visit

Site Visit Notifications

Thank you for site visit whatsapp greeting once status is changed in lead form

Birthday / Anniversary Greeetings

Send birthday/anniversary greetings to leads and customers

Welcome Letters

Booking greetings to customer with welcome letter

Send Booking Documents

Send booking form, agreement draft, demand letter, payment receipt

Site Progress Photos

Send site progress photos when a demand letter is created and send

Payment Reminders

Send reminders for due payments

Agreement Reminders

Send agreement day reminders

Alerts to Developer

Alert to builder if a site visit is done, or a booking is done or an enquiry source is changed from something to broker

✓ All messages sent will reflect on your whatsapp immediately, you can reply and carry further communication with customers directly
✓ Bulk whatsapp sending not permitted as that might block your number.
✓ Supported Formats: Text, Image, Video, Attachment and Location
✓ Message will be sent immediately with the help of Whatsapp Web API. So no whatsapp business api verification is needed.

Other Features

Faster, smarter service that will increase loyalty, retention and satisfaction.


Track leads, optimise your sales activities & close deals faster.


A goal is a dream with a deadline.


Expect the best, prepare for the worst, capitalize on what comes.

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