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Read on to learn 3 effective ways to navigate rejection, to minimize the chance of receiving one, and to come back more effective at sales every time.

Do your homework and solve as much of the lead’s problem as possible before you call, to minimize the chances of a rejection

A survey by CSO Insights reveals that 42 percent of sales reps feel they don’t have all the information that they need to succeed, before making a call. Proceeding into sales calls without it can spell death for the potentially budding relationship. Find out how your product or service solves your lead’s problem before you get into a call with them to maximize your chances of getting a follow-up call.

Find out why you were rejected to open up new opportunities to present your value

There are any number of reasons for which a lead might want to stop engaging with you. You will never know why, however, unless you ask why they chose not to proceed, and what they’ll be doing instead. If you really believe that you can help them, then asking questions about the reason for their decision can reveal information that you can use to strengthen your pitch. For example, if a customer rejects you on the basis of price, but you never find out what they think is reasonable, you’ll never have the opportunity to counter.

Eliminate the sting of losing a sales deal by focusing on increasing knowledge and skill

Rejections get under everyone's’ skin, but you can minimize the sting by focusing on what you learned. Asking questions about why a customer wasn’t amenable to a deal can teach you important ways to navigate through similar situations in the future.

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