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Designed for competitive and fast-paced environments like Real Estate, Troop.Works CRM enables you to manage your leads, customer relationships, contacts, listings, buyers, closings, calendar, tasks, goals, projects, notes, documents, emails and much more – all in one central database.

We are constantly creating and innovating new features to help you manage your Real Estate business and your clients more effectively.


What do you do when someone calls your office? How do you remember what type of properties your clients are looking for or which properties they have visited? Can you evaluate how your team is following up with leads? How do you determine which leads are worth investing time in and which aren't? How do you market and manage your real estate listings?


Your business is built on relationships, so having all client information at your fingertips is crucial to staying in contact, closing deals and gaining referrals. Contact management tools help you effectively manage every aspect of the client lifecycle, from listing homes to handing over the keys.


Personalise experiences across email, mobile, social, advertising and the Web.

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Pre-Sales, Sales and Post-Sales: The entire customer journey, right at your fingertips.

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Our Cloud

Choose to access Troop.Works CRM in Our Cloud and say hello to pre-eminent security, maintenance and updates, with 24/7 access via any web-enabled device.
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Your Cloud

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